Be a hummingbird, make your part!

International day of people with disabilities December 3, 2018

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, DPI turn to States parties to the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities with an appeal to listen to the claims of the Citizens with disabilities, and to engage all the Ministries to refer to the CRPD in all decisions as well as in their inner working. The national politics engaged by the States Parties of the CRPD require to be ambitious and deeply rooted in the heritage of humanity, the obligations related to its implementation engage all the Ministries, as well as all the components of the society.

Whatever the place they live, people with disabilities need to be educated and better armed to overcome the daily challenges they will face along their life like inaccessibility, lack of adapted care, unemployment, extreme poverty, education deficit, segregation and stigmatisation. The sum of work is immense, but people with disabilities demonstrate daily that nothing is insurmountable, and this is why people with disabilities themselves are the first experts to hire because their experiences are unique and their expertise an added value to the implementation of the CRPD.

Leaving no one behind whatever his/her abilities in realizing the SDGs needs concrete actions to make situation of people with disabilities visible in policymaking, and the achievement of the Goals at all levels needs to recognize the potential of persons with disabilities as major contributors.

Like the hummingbirdand likeHannanwho made along all his life, we make our part.

4 janv. 2019