SDGs Full equal participation to the post development agenda



By the end of September of this year, it is expected that the General Assembly of the United Nations will witness a historical Summit to declare the goals and targets of the post 2015 SDG’s. This historical moment is to open the vision for all of us to a safer and better World free from poverty and discrimination by 2030.Whereas the MDG’s in the year 2000 did not include any direct references to disability, the new development goals and targets clearly refer to disability in the preamble and in 7 targets directly. Even though our ambition was to have direct reference in most targets to disability, we believe that a major achievement was reached when the preamble clearly states that no one will be left behind and that all people and groups, including persons with disabilities, will participate in the realization of the Goals and targets. What is of utmost importance is that our efforts should focus to produce indicatorswith good reference to the disadvantages and discrimination due to disability so the concept that no one will be left behind will berealized.

DPIpublished aposition Paper on the MDGsin June 2010and has acontribution to theHigh Level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly United Nations Headquarter,in New York in September 2010, since these first initiatives and during all this process it was clear that these achievements were the product of the collective effort of the international disability movement to affect decision makers and negotiators. DPI would like to congratulate all the organizations and people who have invested time and effort to reach this end. 

DPI calls on its members and partners, human rights organizations and civil society in everynation, to put pressure on their governments to insure that all indicators will have direct reference to disability.DPI, with all its members, will also work:

To insure propermonitoring of the implementationof the SDG’s


·To insure full andequal participationof persons with disabilities in the building of strategies and polices in all levels of the implementation process in this regard. 

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Position Paper on Disability and Poverty Eradicationpdfword

24 oct. 2015