Disabled People's International (DPI) Global Women Network has a two pronged approach: 'Established Leaders' (DPI Women of Substance) for disabled women leaders 30 years of age and above and the 'Emerging Young Leaders' for young disabled women below the age of 30. The aim of this Network is to motivate more and more women with disabilities to take an active part in the working of DPI, network with our allies and also to groom younger disabled women to take leadership roles.

Established Women Leaders with Disabilities (Women With Substance)

The Global Coordinator of the Established Women Leaders with Disabilities Network is Rachel Kachaje.

RachelA senior and respected woman with disability from Malawi, Rachel has been quite active in the global disability movement. She was the first woman to be elected as the Chairperson of the South African Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD) and is currently the Deputy Chairperson of Disabled People’s International (Development and Under-represented groups) and the Chairperson of Disabled Women in Africa that was established with the objective of bringing the visibility of women with disabilities in Africa.

Rachel can be reached at rkachaje(at)yahoo[dot]com

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Emerging Young Women leaders network

The Global Coordinator of the Emerging Young Women Leaders Network is Abia Akram.

AbiaWith a personal experience of physical disability, Abia has been engaged in the activities of disability movement since 1997. Her affiliation and work with Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs), Governments, UN, NGOs, International NGOs, Networks of Community Based Rehabilitation, Independent Living Network and Women with Disabilities Networks on national and international level provided her opportunity to contribute in developing new trends and policies on development and in disability movement.

Abia can be reached at dpiglobalnetwork.eywl(at)gmail[dot]com

Please click here to view the list of members of the Emerging Young Women leaders Network

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